Yesterday the California Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, issued a Request for Qualifications for a public-private partnership for the Presidio Parkway project (also known as the Doyle Drive replacement project) in San Francisco.  The RFQ is available at:

This is the first procurement initiated under the new public-private partnership law in California, SB4, codified at Section 143 of the Streets and Highways Code.
Under Section 143, the project must be approved as a P3 by the California Transportation Commission.  Caltrans and SFCTA plan on seeking CTC approval before an RFP is issued for the project.  In the meantime, statements of qualification are due from interested parties by March 1, 2010.
If the CTC gives its approval, Caltrans and SFCTA contemplate procuring an availability payment P3, with a construction period of about three years and an operating period of about 30 years.