The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and SH 130 Concession Company have announced the opening of Central Texas’ newest toll road on October 24.  SH 130 Segments 5&6 is a 41-mile extension of the existing 50-mile SH 130 toll system that currently connects Georgetown to South Austin.  The new toll road extension starts at Mustang Ridge, spanning three counties and ending at Interstate 10 near Seguin. 

The new toll road is entirely automated, and will be fully interoperable with the existing SH 130 toll system so that travel between various segments will be seamless.  The new roadway will operate without tolls until November 11, the anticipated date of Service Commencement.  Toll rates will initially be around 15 cents a mile for cars and two-axle trucks, and may be adjusted annually based on GDP increases.

SH 130 Segments 5&6 is the State’s first toll road concession, developed and constructed over the past six years through a public-private partnership with the SH 130 Concession Company.  The new toll road represents a $1.3 billion private investment in the state’s transportation system, and also provides the state with a share of the toll revenues to be used for other regional mobility improvements.