Nossaman is assisting friends at the University of California, Riverside with publicizing the following two job opportunities.

The first position is a newly-refined position as Director of Capital Asset Management, reporting to a new Assistant Vice Chancellor for Capital Asset Strategies.  Responsibilities of the Capital Asset Management (CAM) unit will include real estate projects (on campus and off campus), leases, licensing, space management, GIS services, faculty housing, public-private partnerships and related matters.

The second position is the new Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Capital Asset Strategies (CAS).  Responsibilities of the AVC of the Capital Asset Strategies Division, of which CAM is a part, also include physical and environmental planning for campus facilities (including research, medical, academic, and administrative) and sustainability.  The AVC for CAS reports to the Vice Chancellor of Planning and Budget.  The Vice Chancellor is part of a relatively new campus leadership team with ambitious goals for quality growth, modernization and excellence across the academic and physical realms of the campus.

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