On April 18, 2016, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) reached an initial milestone in its Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) by issuing instructions for how automated people mover operating system suppliers can request a determination of their eligibility to participate in an upcoming procurement.

As part of an overall modernization program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LAWA is undertaking LAMP to alleviate congestion and provide better landside passenger movement around LAX.  The major elements of LAMP include a consolidated rental car center (CONRAC), intermodal transportation facilities, parking garages, and an automated people mover system.

The automated people mover system, which will be approximately 2.25 miles long, features an elevated dual lane guideway, six passenger stations and an off-line maintenance and storage facility. Three stations will be located within the central terminal area at LAX and the off-airport stations will be located adjacent to a west and east intermodal transportation facility and the CONRAC.  In addition to CONRAC passengers, the automated people mover will also transport passengers going to/from LAX via other modes of traffic.

The submittal instructions issued by LAWA set forth the process for automated people mover operating system suppliers to become “eligible” to participate in an anticipated procurement for the design, build, finance, operations and maintenance of the automated people mover.  Operating system suppliers deemed “eligible” by LAWA will team with shortlisted proposers determined pursuant to a separate request for qualifications process.

More information is available on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network.