Last week FRA issued a notice of grant funding of $318 million for rail infrastructure and safety improvements through the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement Grants Program known as CRISI.  The deadline for applications is September 17, 2018.

CRISI grants are designed to assist with financing passenger and freight rail system improvements to achieve safety, efficiency, and reliability benefits.  Eligible applicants include states, public agencies, Amtrak, and Class II and Class III rail carriers and railroad or equipment manufacturer working with eligible applicants.

FRA will consider CRISI funding for intercity passenger rail service, to reduce rail congestion, and to improve short-line and regional rail infrastructure; projects to enhance passenger or freight multimodal connections; and  other safety improvements, including deployment of non-PTC safety technology.

FRA’s share of total costs for CRISI projects is not to exceed 80%, but  FRA prefers applications where the Federal projects costs is under 50 percent.

This is the second round of CRISI funding this year.  In May, FRA issued a funding opportunity for $250 million in CRISI grants for Positive Train Control.